Hold a Bitcoin Legacy Wallet.

A collection of
Bitcoin Vanity Addresses.


When you buy a Banity, you own a Bitcoin address with noticeable characteristic. Basically, a Banity is an NFT of a Bitcoin vanity address with certain starting letters that spell out words. After the leading number "1", each Banity has at least 8 human-readable letters in its set of alphanumeric characters.

By owning the Banity NFT token, you have the option to receive the private key of the valid Bitcoin address when you redeem the token.


Random key pairs are generated and checked to see whether the vanity address of its generated key matches the desired character string. Given that the difficulty increases exponentially the longer your vanity is, so does the average time required to find that vanity. This could take hours, days or even years. The time requirement is exponential in the number of characters you are trying to find.


There will be 1001 Banity minted.

8-char vanity address (TBD)BNB
9-char vanity address* BNB
10-char vanity address BNB


*Here is an example of a 9-char vanity address, that has the characteristic «banitynft» (= 9 letters) after the leading «1»:


Not all Banity (= Bitcoin vanity address) has been generated and minted yet. Each Banity NFT is output numerically one after the other, starting with 8-char vanity addresses. The less character the vanity you choose, the bigger gets your choice! The total number of NFTs in each category is not predefined. #1 is the first minted NFT. The Banity collection will be put together in an unpredefined period of time. We will keep searching until Banity #1001 is minted.

We will announce in advance which Banity will be minted and make it available on third-party websites. Each announcement contains the date on which the NFT token is minted, the character of each Banity and its fixed price. Among the collection, there may be vanity addresses with more than 10 characters. If you want to snatch your vanity addresses, do so sooner rather than later.

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